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The expert¡¯s hot-line:
1,rheumatic immune disease, connective tissue disease, Behcet¡¯s disease,
the flaccidity syndrome such as motor neurone disease,
amyasthenia, muscular atrophy, etc.
0086- 010- 64027530 / 64062138

2,endocrine disease such as pituitary disease and adrenal disease, thyroid disease, gonad disease, etc.
0086- 010- 64014908 / 64013576

3,hematopathy disease such as anemia, Aplastic anemia,
purpura, leukemia, leukopenia and agranulemia, etc.
0086- 010- 64064927
4,andropathy, gynaopathy( gynaecopathia), female(male) infertility and sterility disease such as impotence, seminal emission, praecox jaculation
(prospermia, premature ejaculation), etc.
0086- 010- 84025357 / 84025926

0086- 010- 64062138

The foreign patients could consult experts by telephone or seek medical advice from
8:30 to 16:30
on Tuesday¡¢Wednesday¡¢Thursday¡¢Saturday (Beijing time, with translator) or by E-mail. Now please e-mail.

The patient had better come to Beijing to take a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, Or please fax, E-mail or mail us the materials of the resent symptom, laboratory test report, examine and primary medical report, height and weight, address and telephone number.Experts will make the tcm treat solution according to the patient's condition, then return to patients who can take treatment and consult by tel, fax, E-mail or mail in the period of treatment.

 hospital introduction

Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the domestic famous scientific research and Beijing Famous Doctors Clinical Research Base of the traditional Chinese medical science. With its rich talents, technological advantage, it has obtained the rich scientific achievements and offered the whole society the medical health service with high prestige.

Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital has a satisfactory variety of Discipline, superior equipped, comprehensive strength is strong, the characteristics of the specialized department is distinguished. Besides the fully developing of the traditional Chinese medical science as the leading factor, we actively use the modern medical means, and develop the traditional Chinese medicine and the western medicine concurrently, and gains a rich experience in treating the difficult and complicated illness, critical disease, and etc.The hospital has been commended at home and abroad for its good medical service and the consummate treat skill.

Scientific research and exploration for is a central task of Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The scientific and technical personnel use the traditional method and modern scientific and technological means to research and explore the each field of every discipline of traditional Chinese medical science - the basic theory of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine clinical disease of every subject, acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture anaesthesia, meridians and collaterals, medical history documents and information, etc. and have made the remarkable achievement especially in prevention and cure of disease and in the development of new herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine.

Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the institution of the traditional Chinese medical science and medical organization of scientific research and exploitation. With the advanced technique and the countless scientific research achievements, the hospital has made the outstanding contribution for the human health and firmly got the patient's trust at home and overseas.

Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the clinical base of traditional Chinese medical science, located in the Dongcheng District, lies in beautiful Beijing Zhongzhou Road east side, adjoin Shichahai Park, Drum tower(gulou) and Bell Tower in the west, and connect South Luogu Lane(Eight-Legged Alley) in the south. Around nearby there are also more Beijing's most beautiful and charming scenic spots, such as Jingshan mountain, Beihai Park, the Palace Museum, etc.

The hospital is the medical organization incorporating medical scientific research and teaching into an organic whole. The expert group of TCM rheumatic immune disease, TCM thyroid and endocrine disease, TCM hematopathy disease, TCM andropathy, TCM gynaopathy( gynaecopathia), TCM male infertility and sterility, TCM female infertility and sterility, etc.which has the professors, physicians, practitioners and herbalist doctors of traditional Chinese medicine who are engaged in scientific research and medical clinical treatment for a long time, they all offer high-quality diagnosis and fine medical care to patient.

The inscription written by
Chairman Mao in 1958

The inscription written by LiPeng,chairman of the committee,in 1995

The inscription written by Chairman Jiang Zemin in 1995


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