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The expert¡¯s hot-line:
1,rheumatic immune disease, connective tissue disease, Behcet¡¯s disease,
the flaccidity syndrome such as motor neurone disease,
amyasthenia, muscular atrophy, etc.
0086- 010- 64027530 / 64062138

2,endocrine disease such as pituitary disease and adrenal disease, thyroid disease, gonad disease, etc.
0086- 010- 64014908 / 64013576

3,hematopathy disease such as anemia, Aplastic anemia,
purpura, leukemia, leukopenia and agranulemia, etc.
0086- 010- 64064927
4,andropathy, gynaopathy( gynaecopathia), female(male) infertility and sterility disease such as impotence, seminal emission, praecox jaculation
(prospermia, premature ejaculation), etc.
0086- 010- 84025357 / 84025926

0086- 010- 64062138

The foreign patients could consult experts by telephone or seek medical advice from
8:30 to 16:30
on Tuesday¡¢Wednesday¡¢Thursday¡¢Saturday (Beijing time, with translator) or by E-mail. Now please e-mail.

The patient had better come to Beijing to take a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, Or please fax, E-mail or mail us the materials of the resent symptom, laboratory test report, examine and primary medical report, height and weight, address and telephone number.Experts will make the tcm treat solution according to the patient's condition, then return to patients who can take treatment and consult by tel, fax, E-mail or mail in the period of treatment.




  connective tissue disease
rheumatism immunity disease
Therapy brief introduction

The brief introduction of TCM treatment for connective tissue disease,rheumatism immunity disease,
rheumatic immune system disease such as the lupus erythematosus,
scleroderma,progressive systmicsclerosis£¨PSS£©,
dermatomyositis,polymyositis,sjogren syndrome,
MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease) ,
overiap syndrome,undifferentiated connective tissue disease,
panniculitis,erythroderma,idiopathic and interstitial pulmonary(IIP) ,
idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF) ,
idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis(IPH) ,
pulmonary interstitial fibrosis (PIF){interstitial pneumonia(IP) ,
fibrosing alveolitis(FA)},nonspecific interstitial pneumonia(NSIP),
idiopathic pulmonary artery hypertension (IPAH),
adultstill,eosinophilic fasciitis
,AFND (acute febrile
neutrophilic dermat,Sweets disease)
sarcoidosis,vasculitis,Behcet's syndrome or Behcet's disease

The expert group of TCM connective tissue and rheumatism immunity disease which has the professors, physicians, practitioners and herbalist doctors of traditional Chinese medicine who are engaged in scientific research and medical clinical treatment for a long time, they all offer high-quality diagnosis and fine medical care to patient.

The group with its key persons Professor Lai Anni, Deputy Head Zhang, Dr.Tong, Dr. Wang, Dr. zheng mainly treat and study connective tissue disease, rheumatic immune system disease in the clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine such as:
the lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, progressive systmicsclerosis (PSS),
dermatomyositis, polymyositis,sjogren syndrome, MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease),overiap syndrome, undifferentiated connective tissue disease,
panniculitis, erythroderma, lupus nephritis, panniculitis, erythroderma, idiopathic and interstitial pulmonary(IIP), Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF), idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis(IPH), pulmonary interstitial fibrosis (PIF) {interstitial pneumonia(IP),
Fibrosing Alveolitis(FA)}, Idiopathic Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (IPAH), adultstill, eosinophilic fasciitis, sarcoidosis, vasculitis,Behcet's Syndrome, etc.

They have studied the ancient books and records of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diligently for more than 30 years, drawn the domestic and international expert's experience and lessons, proposed three basic principles of TCM treatment of connective tissue disease, rheumatic immune system disease, such as lupus erythematosusI, etc. ,namely : balance the negative and the positive aspects of the organism, clear away heat and detoxify, dispel the rheumatism and worked out the optimal plan for treating.

"Prescription for cooling blood and detoxicating " No.A1-A13 (immune prescription No.A1-A13) (add the additional prescription traditional Chinese medicine and another else ) treats separately:
No.A1 (immune prescription No.A1) indications for lupus erythematosus, etc.;
No.A2 (immune prescription No.A2) indications for scleroderma, progressive systmicsclerosis£¨PSS£©, etc.;
No.A3 (immune prescription No,A3) indications for dermatomyositis, polymyositis,
No.A4 (immune prescription No.A4) indications for sjogren syndrome, connective tissue disease, MCTD( mixed connective tissue disease), overiap syndrome, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, etc.;
No.A5 (immune prescription No.A5) indications for panniculitis, nodular panniculitis, mixed panniculitis(or called lupus profundus or lupus erthematosus panniculistis) , etc.;
No.A6 (immune prescription No.A6) indications for sarcoidosis, erythema nodosum, nodular vasculitis, Polyarteritis nodosa, vasculitis, aortitis, allergic cutaneous vasculitis, etc.;
No.A7 (immune prescription No, A7) indications for erythroderma, etc.;
No.A8 (immune prescription No.A8) indications for adult still, etc.
No.A9 (immune prescription No.A9) indications for Behcet's disease, etc.;
No.A10 (immune prescription No.A10) indications for eosinophilic fasciitis, etc.;
No.A11 (immune prescription No.A11) indications for acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis(AFND, Sweets disease), idiopathic and interstitial pulmonary (IIP) , idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis£¨IPH£©,idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF), pulmonary interstitial fibrosis (PIF){interstitial pneumonia(IP), Fibrosing Alveolitis£¨FA£©} ,nonspecific interstitial pneumonia£¨NSIP£©, Idiopathic Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (IPAH) ,etc.
No.A12 (immune prescription No.A12) indications fororal malodor(halitosis), bad breath( foul breath), mouth sores, canker, oral aphthae, canker sores, oral mucosal diseases ,etc.
No.A13 (immune prescription No.A13) indications for other connective tissue disease, rheumatism and immune system disease, rheumatism Immunity disease, rheumatic immune system disease, rheumatoid immune disease, autoimmune disease, such as autoimmune liver disease, prinary biliary cirohosis, PBC, etc.

The types of idiopathic and interstitial pulmonary(IIP)disease:

1: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF), pulmonary idiopathic fibrosis
pulmonary interstitial fibrosis£¨PIF£©{interstitial pneumonia£¨IP£©,ibrosing Alveolitis£¨FA£©}, Idiopathic Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (IPAH)
2: Desquamative interstitial pneumonia(DIP)
3: Acute interstitial pneumonia(AIP), A rare, rapidly developing fulminant form of lung injury
4: Respiratory bronchiolitis-associated interstitial lung disease(RBILD)
5:Idiopathic BOOP, organic pneumonia,Idiopathic bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (idiopathic BOOP), COP,
6: lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia (LIP)
7: idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis(IPH)

Our pure herbal TCM prescriptions ,cool blood and detoxify No.A1-A13, additional traditional Chinese medicine and another additional traditional Chinese medicine which will be added according to patient's disease , the curative effect of these Traditional Chinese Medicine is very good and the result of treatment is stable without any harmful side effect. It is difficult to recur after curing.

The introduction of the expert group's traditional Chinese medicine:
The main composition of this medicine: Honeysuckle, root of red-rooted salvia , dogwood fruit , American ginseng , Chinese caterpillar fungus , Rhodiola , Polygonum perfoliatum etc more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines.And evey diferrence patient should add additional traditional Chinese medicine and another additional traditional Chinese medicine according to the specific disease.

This medicine can clears away heat to detoxify the body, cool blood , supplement Qi, nourish Yin, strengthen the human body's immune function and the capacity of anti-disease, bring out the interferon, make the organism recover completely by itself ,which breaks through the traditional hormone treatment, starts the new way of treating a disease by looking into both its root cause and symptoms.

The medicines have already made very good curative effect on treating the rheumatism immune system disease and connective issue disease, such as lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis, sjogren syndrome etc, and the patient' s feedback is also very good.

Patient should add or subtract the following additional TCM medicines
(the dose for 3 months)

The part composition and usage of the another additional Chinese herbal medicines:
1. Pseudo-ginseng powder 360g , 2 grams per time, 2 times one day (take them with water) .
2. Tortoise-shell glue or deer horn glue 720g, 4 grams per time, 2 times one day (put the medicines into the boiled water ,then take them with water after melting) .
3. Red dates, four dates for each time, three times one day, (take them after water steaming after meal).
4.The above quantity is for 3 months, take with the main medicines No.A1-A13 together.Patients can either buy the another additional traditional Chinese medicine in the local place (the traditional Chinese medicines store in China Town is available) or order them by mail with the main medicines No.A1-A13 .

The usage of the TCM medicines:
(The main prescription traditional Chinese medicine and additional prescription traditional Chinese medicine,with the another including pseudo- ginseng powder¡¢tortoise-shell glue or deer horn glue¡¢red dates.)

All the medicines that we prescribe you should take with water after decocting .In consideration of some patient's condition, we could help them to process the herbal medicines into pills, so that it is easier to take and order by mail.

Three month is 1 course, so the one course 's medicines could be processed into 45 bottles. 15 bottles for each month, 54g per bottle. The patients should take them 1 hour later after having each meal 3 times a day, and 9g for each time, that means the one bottles medicines could be used for tow days, and the whole 45 bottles could be use for 90 days.

The cool blood and detoxify medicine should be taken with additional traditional Chinese medicine prescription and another tcm medicine. All the medicines should be taken one hour later after having each meal.

Patients could come to Beijing to take the treatment or order the medicine by mail.
If it is possible for the patients come to Beijing to see the doctor at person and take the treatment, please make an appointment before coming by tel or fax¡¢email. If it is not, the patient could fax or E-mail us the copy of the materials of the laboratory test report, examine report and the case of ill, we expert panel will select proper prescription and prescribe the patient additional traditional herbal medicines according to the patient's condition, symptom, complication symptom, treatment feedback etc. so that the patients can order the tcm medicine by mail or air.

According to the patient's condition the medicine can release the the symptom ,control the disease ,treat the disease and then cure the desease gradually. Generally the curative effect can be obviously felt after 30days. So it is better to order medicine for one course at first.

3 months is a course, generally after 1--3 courses of treatment patients can get better and be recovered or cured gradually. The one who is serious ill or has been ill for a long time or can not absorb the medicine well should prolong the course¡£

The effective rate of our tcm medicine is 98.6%.Generally subsequent visit patient had better purchase medicine half month ahead before running out of medicines so as to guarantee the effect.

After finishing them under the doctor's advice, we may prescribe patient new medicines according to the patient's condition. During the treatment period, the patient could consult the experts by telephone, or fax or e-mail the doctors so as to get the better curative effect and the doctor could adjust the tcm prescription according to the efficacy and the patient's conditio

The patient who is taking Western medicine, such as hormone etc. can't stop it at will. After taking traditional Chinese medicine for 30 days and the condition turns good, the patient could reduce the consumption of Western medicine such as hormone etc.gradually under the doctor's direction according to the patient's condition.

Generally reduce by 1/4 pill every 15 days, then reduce the Western medicine consumption to zero gradually. If the patient in special circumstances, please telephone ,fax or e-mail the doctor, in order to prevent disease recurring.

Forbidden food during the Tcm Medicine treatment period:
1, Alcohol, wine, tobacco, seafood, mutton, dog's meat, hot pepper, tea and coffee, raw food, cold food, pungent food, fat food etc.
Prohibit taking uncooked food, hot pepper food, too heavy food, too salty food, undigested food, stimulative and pungent food ; the food containing antiseptic or additive for instance instant noodles , can and beverage etc .
Do not use penicillin, antibiotics and sulfa drugs.

2, Milk, mung bean, underdone egg can't be taken with the traditional Chinese medicine at the same time, they can be eaten 30 minutes later.
Patient should avoid getting cold; avoid wind and coldness, forver, tire, or sunshine.

If you have any questions, you could consult the experts by e-mail , fax or telephone directly, we are pleased to help you at any time. The foreign patients could consult experts or seek medical advice with your translator by telephone from 8:30 to 16:30 on Tuesday¡¢Wednesday¡¢Thursday¡¢Saturday (Beijing Time) or by E-mail.
please e-mail:

Experts' Outpatient & Inpatient and maling address:
The expert panel of TCM connective tissue and rheumatism immunity disease,
Beijing Jiaodaokou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Beijing Famous Doctors Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
(Room 6 Floor 1, No.133, Gulou East Street of Di Anmen, Dongcheng District,
Beijing, China)
Postalcode: 100009
Tel: 0086 - 010- 64027530 64062138(concurrently fax)

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